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Spotted and Wrinkled

This blog chronicles and condenses parts of my journey with God.. Spotted and wrinkled as I am in my human nature, I will attempt, to the degree that Christ is in me, to plainly speak the truths that He speaks to me. Please take and sift through this same Spirit. I have in no way apprehended, but am daily being renewed in the spirit of my mind. My hope and desire in writing this is to encourage each living soul who reads it, to continue pressing on to the high calling of God which is, to be spiritually formed and manifesting the image and likeness of Christ. May you find His likeness here as well as a rest and hope for your soul.

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Sandra Christensen

Sandra Christensen

Sandra lives in Minnesota and attends 3rd Day Ministries, where she participates in Children's Ministry Team and partakes in whole hearted worship with the Music Ministry Team. She is married to a strong man of God, Jim, and is mother to a family of 5.    She endevors to live life to Christ's fullest ressurection expression in this present moment and forever more.

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Change does not just "happen" because we lightly pause to consider something. There is no magic wand God waves to "cause" it to happen. Change happens when God puts a finger on something that is important to Him and we become willing to make a concentrated effort to bring change about. Change is all about willingness. Will you take up that bed and walk? In order for something new to come in old things will have to leave... old belief systems, old habits, old loves for behaviors that once did us favors but are hurting us now. The question "will you be made whole?" implies that we have some responsibility to it. Sometimes change is good and seemingly effortless, a slight nudge in the right direction... other times , and in times of the greatest changes, an exacting effort of dying to self that is too deep for others to...

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<p>Ever wonder how simply and easily God can slip a word of knowledge in under the door to secret message you? It could be in the simple pleasure of a childs kiss or the unmitigated bliss of a job well finished. All around us every day are His silent hidden messages like “Finding Waldo “<span> </span>in the midst of all the work-a-day busy-ness. These silent messages are the things we can cling to that lift and separate us from the mundane. They are the anchors when times are rough and the hellium that causes us to soar in triumphs. Take a look around and what do you see… is your Saviors touch reaching out to you in all you see?</p>...

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Have you ever wondered at the term "  I took offence" or " I take offense"? Does this imply a concious decision on our part to be " so offended"? Have you ever heard yourself  speaking those very same words? I ask myself why in the world would I want to "take offense." God gave me the right to choose. He said himself, "this day I put before you blessing or cursing, life or death, choose life Deut.30;19 I have the God given right and edict to “choose life”. Life is effectual and sustaining. In death there is no giving or sustaining power. If I look for offence and am ready and willing to take it I will get exactly what I am expecting. If I look for the curse I will be cursed. If I am looking for those things that are lovely, pure, whatever is the good report, or...

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Recently while out of town, I took my mother-in-law to her hair appointment. It was in a small town about a square mile in every direction. I dropped her off at the "salon", which was actually a converted house. Intending to go to the public library to use the computer, I inquired of Lucille and the hair dresser for directions to main street. We joked that it would be hard to get lost as it was only a block long and a one way street. Confidently I drove into town to find that the library was not yet open. As I waited I realized that I had been so focused on where I was going and what I wanted to do I had forgot to pay attention to where I had come address or street name only the name of the salon. I laughed at my inattention and thought of what a funny story it would make that I had not gotten lost on the way but I had to ask directions back!!

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