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Good Morning Lord.


-provokes Mourning, a shedding of the old--BUT--provokes HOPE, an excitement for the NEW to come-

I have been told many times if you are not moving forward you are going backwards. Moving forward takes shape in many forms but a change is a necessity in progressing forward. We are in a time of change. The wave is moving forward. The essence of the Spirit is moving and guiding us into His glory--with that change. Old must be shed -- gone and dead -- for the new -- His glory to rise up within us. It will be seen. It will be known by all. Will I be on board? You betch ya!!! Will you?

In all of this thought wrapped around change -- I am forced to remember when I choose to come to MN almost 5 years ago now. I was on a road to death. The suicide was planned and was set in motion. The interruption to this plan was the famous prayer I prayed when I arrived from work at my home in the small town I grew up in Nebraska on a Tuesday afternoon. My prayer was "Lord if you really are real--You had better do something because if this is what sobriety is all about I do not want anything to do with it." I had a full pledged plan to kill myself on Friday morning. I had failed in the past , failing at life at this point and I was not going to fail again. But wait -- my prayer was heard -- On Thursday afternoon my AA sponsor and husband had an intervention with me and on Friday morning instead of following through with the suicide plan I was making provisions to move to MN to attend Minnesota Teen Challenge -- now known as Mn Adult and Teen Challenge. This is a faith based drug and alcohol treatment center that accepted me even though I had been sober for 3 years but spiritually I was dead. The Lord heard my cries and delivered me. As I reflect back I can remember that 'relief' I felt in preparing and then positioning myself to come -- it was HOPE!!!   For with out hope the heart is deferred the Lord says. It is amazing the path way God provided for me to get to the program. It has been even more amazing as the old has been gradually shedding off these last few years. He heard my cries and delivered me of ALL my FEARS.

When I came into the program and I realized just how safe I was -- I could really cry and allow the mourning of the past to run its course so that I could begin to heal and let the light of God shine. Through positioning myself, allowing correction and then being obedient God's love is coming forth. A seed we all have but in me it was now sprouting.   What joy and what excitement!!

I am now in a position similar where I am now getting ready and positioning myself for another large life change. I am getting married. As I have cried my tears the last few days -- I can see that the old way or little girl has matured into a woman ready -- ready to be one with the Lord in a whole new way and with a man of His choosing.

There are other changes taking place -- this moving forward in the waters -- riding the wave -- glory is not just coming - IT IS HERE!!! Are you ready? Are you standing in one place -- starting to move backwards?

Pray -- He hears your cry.

Take action - position yourself -- He will deliver you.  

HOPE, MERCY AND GRACE resides deep within as you realize that-- He has heard your cries and He has delivered you -- and delivered you of ALL of YOUR FEARS!!!!

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