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Identity -- Who do you say you are? ---- What do I say you are?

I remember when I really learned that the Lord named me and named me for His purpose as well as had a plan for me. Since this time my true identity has been continually developed.
On a spring Wednesday evening I was in my bedroom listening to Phillips Craig and Dean version of "From the Inside Out" and had gotten ready for a church service and put on one of my favorite short sleeve purple tops. As I took time to meet Him -- I had been struggling with who I was and simply asked Him -- 'Who am I? Do I have any worth?' --- He showed up and answered me

--Jesus was standing in front of me saying while holding my hands, "You are my beloved child and my true disciple". I was very much a baby Christian for lack of better words at the time this happened so when someone told me that Amy meant 'Beloved' and my middle name Christine holds a meaning of 'true disciple', I was ecstatic to the point of emotional tears. I was not named after a war movie song called "Amy" that Bobby Darin sang as the story went from my parents. He used that to name me. I had more meaning than that --I am His beloved child and His a true disciple. This is who I am. I am capable of true rich love. I belong to Him. He has adopted me into His family. I am able to follow and be committed to the One who loved me first.

Now knowing this fact and then being able to act this out or live up to this was an entirely different beat than I knew how to play or act out. It has been a continual process and I have not arrived yet. I have had to learn to surrender, to be humble, to love when I do not feel like it, to let go, to allow myself to heal from damaged emotions, to forgive-the greatest act of love, to face my fears of man, to position myself with people that know the Lord as well as be with those who do not agree with me in my understanding--in other words be Christ-like.

When Jesus was lead into the wilderness there were three times that Satan tempted Him of which all attached His identity.

Mark 1:11-13--New King James Version (NKJV)
Then a voice came from heaven, “You are My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”  Immediately the Spirit drove Him into the wilderness. And He was there in the wilderness forty days, tempted by Satan, and was with the wild beasts; and the angels ministered to Him.

We are not different in this respect. I had several of these attacks this week. It boils down to will I believe that I am Who He says I am or will I believe the thought triggers of Satan's on who I am? Will I allow fear to rule or will I allow His peace to filter in? Will I allow His ministering angels to minister over me like they did for Him? Will I spend time with the One that Loves me first? I had the opportunity this Friday night to attend a worship service with other believers in Lindstrom MN. There I saw a vision of a very large hand that broke chains off and angels ministered over me and helped me back on my feet to whom I am. I was told I am a treasure. ;o)

Have you been attacked recently? My prayer for you is that you will allow yourself to be Who He says You are. No doubt and no wavering and that you choose to spend time with the One that Loved you first this week and have Him reveal how much He loves you. For you are His treasure too!

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