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Once a Victim - Now a Victor

I attended a faith based 15 month drug and alcohol treatment center -- then attended an aftercare program of two years which was a ministry school and in this time I learned that I was no longer a victim of what life had brought me. I was a child of God who loves me beyond what words could imprint in your imagination. Below is a scripture Ps 103:1-6 (from NLT and Message Bible) that I has stood out to me in times of trouble or turmoil and I keep returning to it with lots of my life's struggles. These words have brought me comfort in all situations from horrible memories of the past to misunderstandings among myself and friends. This scripture reads:

I praise the Lord I tell myself with my whole heart I will praise His Holy Name -- Praise the Lord I tell myself and never for get the things He has done for me. For He has forgiven me of all my sins. He has ransomed me from death and surround me with love and tender mercies. God fills my life with good things and renews my youth like the eagles. God makes everything come out right and He puts victims back on their feet.

I once was a victim of life's circumstances but by the power of the Lord I am a victor as I stand on His side. I am able to have confidence where there was none. I am gaining a renewed mind and release of what the enemy tried to put on me from the nasty past of sexual abuse. I am His Beloved and true disciple as what my name means.

I have difficult decisions facing me within the next week and I am going to stand on this Word and I am going to Believe that what ever the out come is I am His. -- I can be love as He is love and as He is in me.

Here I AM Lord. You too are a victor with Christ. Are there areas in your life that you are struggling in today that you need to let go and allow Him to heal and renew? If so talk, share and allow Him to renew and refresh.

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